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We have created an organization that trains and equips qualified adults to form meaningful/professional relationships with students within their school context. These relationships are formed in structured groups: mentorship groups and leadership groups. While we partner with the school, our goal is to empower the students to support each other, take care of each other, and serve their community. We make it our aim to lighten the load of teachers, coaches and administrative staff by supporting their desire to see their students excel academically, socially, and professionally.

The UnCommon Mentorship Program

This program provides a space to forge meaningful relationships. Girls and guys meet separtately, working their way through a seven-month personal development curriculum that touches on life skills, current events, and both personal and professional development. In addition, students maximize their learning and discover their leadership potential as they are trained and prepared to serve as student mentors in local elementary and middle schools.

The UnCommon Leader Academy

This program accommodates a select group of guys and girls. Our Leader Groups walk youth through a curated seven-week leader curriculum, designed to invest in participants’ leadership development. Each Leader Academy cohort plans, coordinates, and execute three servicebased projects before completing the program.

Social and Community Engagement

UnCommon staff and students are aware of the social issues that exist in our communities. In an effort to make impact we facilitate youth and police dialogues, forums on sex trafficking awareness, racial justice, poverty, and homelessness. While exposure and awareness to these issues is important, Uncommon doesn’t just talk about the problems, we are at the forefront of addressing and practically improving the communities where these students live and relate.


  • Enhance and evolve the mentorship program to expand throughout schools creating peer to peer mentors.
  • Multiply the number of Student Mentors into “ Feeder” schools.
  • Multiply Leader Academy groups across sports teams/clubs.
  • Form strategic partnerships with like minded organizations.