Core Values


The UnCommon Team is committed to empowering Students to see themselves as the most valuable asset in their community. UnCommon is not a “savior” or “Santa Claus” type sent to help Students. We make it our aim to inspire and equip Students to lead change and community development. As a result, a core component of UnCommon is to make room for Students to lead initiatives, projects, and strategies.


The UnCommon team is committed to Consistency. Since we primarily work with students, the necessity to be consistent cannot be overstated. Doing what we say, when we say it, every time is our standard. We build trust and model professionalism by being dependable and reliable for our students. We do what we say, when we say it, every time, no matter the cost.

Candid Communication

The UnCommon Team is committed to Candid Communication. We strive to create environments of trust and predictability within our team, our students and community partners. We also admit and recognize inherent blind spots that cannot be identified and mitigated without honest and constructive feedback from others. As a result, we do not shy away from healthy conflict resolution and a desire to reconcile. We have the courage to say what we mean and mean what we say.


The UnCommon Team is committed to Humility. Although we are team of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, we maintain a teachable spirit. We approach relationships with each other, students, and partners recognizing that we can learn from anybody. We do not have all the answers and we do not see leadership as speaking first or speaking the most. We listen and learn before we lead.


In UnCommon we place great emphasis on building healthy community. As a result, we must establish and build healthy community within our smaller networks and spheres. Healthy community is not overlooking differences, rather, its seeing and embracing differences and diversity in a way that allows all to feel welcomed and valuable. We are determined to form authentic, transparent, and meaningful relationships that manifest in true community.


A key measure for success in UnCommon are documented realities of Students inspired, empowered, and practically serving and investing in their community. All too often organizations craft programs and services for communities without ever involving or empowering community members in the planning and execution. We believe that in order to create systemic and sustainable impact, community members are essential and vital in every stage of the process.