Meet the Team

UnCommon would not exist without support of our dedicated staff: the UnCommon Team. Our team members are a multigenerational, multi-ethnic group of people who are committed to working with urban students, helping them develop their strengths and discover their inherent value.

To ensure staff embody our program culture, team members are vetted, interviewed, and subject to state background checks. We ask each candidate why they want to serve, what they hope to gain by joining the UnCommon Team, and whether they are committed to spending a year or more in the organization. New team members are subsequently briefed on the program expectations, and encouraged to live an “UnCommon” lifestyle by accepting our core values—Empowerment, Consistency, Candid Communication, and Humility—as their own.

We do not consider ourselves “saviors” sent to help students. Instead, the UnCommon Team helps youth invest in their development so they can go on to improve the world. We communicate faith and trust in our participants by doing what we say, when we say it, every time. We also recognize that we can learn from others, and aim to listen and learn before we lead.

This, of course, would not be possible without candid discussion, constructive feedback, and a love for connecting. And that is the UnCommon way.

Joining our team is a privilege and a process. While there is plenty of room to join us on this journey, we add partners that work as great fits for our students and for the new team members.

  • Jacob Kerwood
  • Staff Mentor/Group Logistics

  • Madisen Wojciechowski
  • Girls Group Staff Mentor

  • Wes Wong
  • Manitou Staff Mentor

  • Jorena “Jo Jo” Smith
  • Staff Support and Partnerships